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 Specialty Services
Free Your Mind
Inspired by Marie Kondo's book "The life-changing magic of tidying up" We spend some serious time going through your items, discarding what no longer serves you. This might be throughout your home or in one area that particularly is "weighing you down" and needs more attention.
Typically we start with your closet. We go through all your clothes, help you decide what to keep and what to discard. We organize and create a space that brings you joy, peace and happiness- everyday.
The process is a spiritual one that often touches you on many emotional levels. It’s fun and challenging. The great news is that the end result is pure bliss. This is a big accomplishment!

Refine Your
Fab Self
A deep and thorough excursion of your closet.
This one involves: Organizing, discarding, style advice, shopping.
We go through your clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, skincare & makeup to fine tune your look and keeping things fresh, current and fitting.
It's a fun journey with lots of laughs, sometimes a few tears and voilà "A fresh beautiful New You!"
Closet Remodel ~
Setup & Style

Having your new closet designed, built and installed is only part of the journey to achieving your "dream closet."

Once your project is completed give us a call!

We will get you set-up correctly. 


Our expertise and flair will add practical and beautiful elements to your new fabulous space!

Give your home a fresh new look!
We declutter, rearrange, and re-purpose by working
with your existing furniture and art.
Once your space has a nice feel and flow we go shopping for new home accessories such as pillows, bedding and 
decor to complete your home's fresh new look!


         things up!


Kids' Playrooms
We love making playrooms both fun and functional! 
Starting from scratch or sprucing up an existing setup.
Your kids will love you for giving them a cool new functional and fun space to let their creativity flow!

Specialty Service

Icing on the


For the organized person who wants to take things to the next level by implementing practical and pretty organizing products into their already organized space. 3 words - FUN,FUN, FUN!

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